America's Top 20 Bank Holding Companies

TKGI Finance: America's Top 20 Bank Holding Companies

TKGI Finance presents detailed information about the top 20 bank holding companies as ranked by the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council). Pillars of the global financial community, Bank Holding Companies are companies that control one or more banks, but do not necessarily engage in banking themselves.

Please use the menu to find the bank holding company that you are researching, or view the top 20 ranking list below. All rankings are based on figures as of 03/31/2012, and the composition of the Top 20 panel is based on consolidated assets.

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Top 20 US Holding Bank Companies

Institution NameLocationTotal Assets 03/31/2012Total Assets 12/31/2011
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO. NEW YORK, NY $2,320,330,000,000 $2,265,792,000,000
BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NC $2,180,055,682,000 $2,136,577,907,000
CITIGROUP INC. NEW YORK, NY $1,944,423,000,000 $1,873,878,000,000
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY SAN FRANCISCO, CA $1,333,799,000,000 $1,313,867,000,000
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP, INC. NEW YORK, NY $951,217,000,000 $923,718,000,000
METLIFE, INC. NEW YORK, NY $819,604,409,000 $799,625,102,000
MORGAN STANLEY NEW YORK, NY $781,030,000,000 $749,898,000,000
U.S. BANCORP MINNEAPOLIS, MN $340,762,000,000 $340,122,000,000
HSBC NORTH AMERICA HOLDINGS INC. NEW YORK, NY $340,342,496,000 $331,402,982,000
BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORPORATION NEW YORK, NY $300,197,000,000 $325,793,000,000
PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP, INC. PITTSBURGH, PA $296,119,070,000 $271,407,158,000
STATE STREET CORPORATION BOSTON, MA $187,609,651,000 $216,435,818,000
CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION MCLEAN, VA $294,573,731,000 $206,103,658,000
TD BANK US HOLDING COMPANY PORTLAND, ME $204,310,397,000 $201,057,066,000
ALLY FINANCIAL INC. DETROIT, MI $186,350,000,000 $184,059,000,000
SUNTRUST BANKS, INC. ATLANTA, GA $178,256,171,000 $176,900,103,000
BB&T CORPORATION WINSTON-SALEM, NC $174,751,894,000 $174,579,294,000
AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY NEW YORK, NY $150,583,000,000 $152,273,000,000
RBS CITIZENS FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. PROVIDENCE, RI $129,963,640,000 $129,810,542,000
REGIONS FINANCIAL CORPORATION BIRMINGHAM, AL $128,281,787,000 $127,049,907,000

About the FFIEC

The FFIEC is a council, or committee, that is responsible for promoting uniformity in financial institutions. This council creates standards and principles for financial institutions to follow. Part of this committee's job is creating these standards, and another part is to ensure that financial companies follow these. One primary purpose of this is to create consistency in financial reporting in the financial industry. Another primary purpose is to promote consumer safety with financial holding companies.